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Ford Mustang Boss 302 Review (M3 Fighters Pt.1) - Everyday Driver

124,175 views 0 comments

The limited edition Ford Mustang Boss 302 (2012-2013 Model Years) is aimed at the E90 series BMW M3. The guys love the E90 M3, so they spent some time in the canyons to see if the Boss 302 can really dethrone the M3. And is the Boss better than the other M3 alternative, the 1M coupe? See our orig

Car Tech - 2013 Ford Taurus

66,142 views 0 comments

Ford's big sedan girds for battle with much cooler Impala, 300, and Avalon.

Ford Fiesta ST First Drive - /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

352,919 views 0 comments

All the talk is Clio RS v Fiesta ST - well this video doesn't answer that question. But it's our first drive in the newest fast Ford. And Henry tends to be quite good at making these hot hatches.

Richard Hammond Ford Mondeo Review (2001)

15,005 views 0 comments

Richard Hammond reviews the 2001 Ford Mondeo. He takes a look at its exterior, interior and other aspects.

2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Review

125,174 views 0 comments

The Shelby GT500 is the supposedly the ultimate Ford Mustang. In this video Kelley Blue Book's Micah Muzio drives and drifts the 662-horsepower 2013 Shelby GT500 to see if more power necessarily results in a better Stang.   Join Ford Mustang Owners Club ..........  

My take: 2015 Ford Mustang inside and out

566,609 views 0 comments

Host Sam Haymart, Mustang enthusiast owner and writer for over 30 years, shares his unique perspective and gives full tour of the all new 2015 Ford Mustang. Full text review at TestDriven.TV

Ford Focus ST Test Drive - Fifth Gear

88,025 views 0 comments

Johnny is in Norway with the new Ford Focus ST to test it on the immense 'Trolls Road'.  

2008 Ford Taurus Review - Kelley Blue Book

13,810 views 0 comments

Ford Taurus. When Ford discontinued the Taurus a few years ago it had many longtime car-buyers shaking their heads, especially because the Taurus had been a landmark car for the company and a perennial sales leader. Now the Taurus is back among us, and after our lengthy road test, we can say it doe

2008 Ford Mustang Review - Kelley Blue Book

32,259 views 0 comments

FOR MORE CAR VIDEOS & REVIEWS VISIT: Ford Mustang. The Ford Mustang is an icon, so Ford designers go to special lengths to avoid offending those millions of cars buyers who have loved Mustangs through the years. And when they designed the newe

2017 Ford Raptor Review - The Truck That Does EVERYTHING!

82 views 0 comments

The all new 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor is an incredible vehicle! Even though it's a truck, it is still one of my favorite vehicles I've ever driven! Follow the owner on ...
fallback-no-image-158 - 2011 Ford Mustang GT Review & Road Test

167,197 views 0 comments

For 2011 the Ford Mustang GT gets a few styling changes but more importantly gets increased horsepower and torque. With its updated aluminum 5.0-liter V8 engine now with 4 cams and 32 valves. Not only does it have 87 more horsepower, it will get better mileage, too, up to 17/26 mpg city/highway for

Ford Focus Review - With Richard Hammond (2000)

16,764 views 0 comments

Richard Hammond reviews the 2000 model of the Ford Focus, taking a look at the performance and handling, as well as seeing how practical it is on a day to day commute. Plus Richard gives us a quick history lesson on the car the Focus has replaced - the Ford Escort.

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Which Ford got the most searches

In 2016, My Car Check conducted research, to see which Ford got the most searches for a vehicle check. The top model was the Ford Fiesta Zetec. My Car Check data showed the following results:   Percentage with warnings Top reasons for warnings Average value Top colours   Top colours for the Ford Fiesta Zetec […]

wintry conditions

How to drive on snow and ice

From January to April, it tends to be the coldest few months, along with being the victim of bad weather. This weather may include torrential rain, slippery ice or heavy snow, so it’s always best to be prepared if worst comes to worst. When driving in these conditions, make sure that you’re making a journey […]


New Ford KA+

The Ford KA has been a popular choice amongst customers of all ages since 1996 when it first launched. In 2008, unfortunately the Fiat 500 took the over the market by storm, replacing the Ford KA and stealing a number of its customers. In order to be a serious competitor, Ford have upped their game […]


Business Car Leasing: Summary

What is business car leasing? Getting a business lease car is an affordable way to give your company that ‘professional’ look with an upmarket and luxury car. Car leasing is essentially the long term hire of a car, in which you can either return, swap or buy the car at the end of the leasing term, […]

Fiesta ST

The 5-Door Ford Fiesta ST Hits European Shores

Small hot hatchbacks aim to rule the motoring world where great, sharp, sleek looks and bags of speed result in purely entertaining drives. Therefore, many of them are 3-doors because they wish to feel like sports cars. However, hot hatches also aim to skirt the practical world as well, which is why, despite wanting to […]


9 Things to Keep in Your Car in Preparation for Winter

Being prepared is the key, once you’re prepared with a range of essentials, you’re able to tackle any obstacle with ease – well, a lot easier.  Whether you’re driving in icy conditions, snowy conditions or freezing conditions, below are 10 things you should always have in your car, just in case the worst occurs. It’s […]

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