Ford Fiesta: Review



If what you’re looking for is a cheap but joyful ride, the Ford Fiesta is definitely at the top of the list. It’s attractive looks and smooth drive makes the Fiesta the more popular choice when it comes to getting yourself a small hatchback. Cheap car leasing deals are available for the Ford Fiesta as it makes the perfect personal lease car for obvious reasons.

Performance & Drive
The Ford Fiesta really out does itself when it comes to its driving ability, it’s impressive to say the least. Featuring amazing suspension which helps the car stay connected to the road and offers a smoother drive. The Fiesta when driving feels a lot more sophisticated than expected as it’s very responsive with the steering and has very sharp handling.

It’s funky style and unique shaping gives the Ford Fiesta the fresh new look it needed. Its fiercer and sportier look really steps up Fords game, as it’s a lot more attractive than any previous models, hence the increase of popularity. The small hatchback features good sized windows which are shaped to perfection as well as LED daytime lights and a bold front grille, but all models of the Ford Fiesta do vary from each other.

Cabin & Style
The main downside to the interior is the dashboard for the simple reason it’s a little bit cluttered and can therefore take a while to get used to. The interior does seem a little dated but when it comes to comfort, there’s no problem. The front seats offer a good amount of support with plenty of leg and head room, where as the rear seats do lack space, but you’re able to comfortably fit 2 people in. The boot also offers 290 litres worth of space, perfect for long weekends away with the family.

Overall, the Ford Fiesta is undoubtedly an amazing little hatchback, which offers all the same features of larger cars. Just like every other car, the Fiesta does have its fair share of pros and cons, for example the fiddly interface as there’s too much going on – it is an original design, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Also, the amount of space within the back seats could be a problem, especially if you’re looking to fit 5 people in the car. Also available are add-ons which can make your driving experience with the Fiesta just that little more enjoyable.







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