Ford KA: Review

Ford KA

The Ford KA is a pretty high competitor when it comes to the battle of the city cars. There is a good amount of positives with the Ford KA in which it’ll definitely make it a perfect first car – or an ideal car if you’re not looking for too much. There are a range of different lease cars in the UK which are all affordable and a great way to drive the car you love, for less. Check out some of the best car lease deals at zero for more.

Performance & Drive
Not much is expected from the Ford KA in terms of the driving and performance with it being such a cheap and small car which is pretty basic. There are only petrol engines available and the choice is very limited, as only the 1.2 litre and 0.9 litres are offered which isn’t too great. On the other hand, the Ford KA definitely offers a fun drive for such a small car with good suspension for its size – but of course, when driving over potholes, it’ll be a rocky ride along with being quite loud.

With being a city car, just like all city cars, it’s been designed with a very small body and attractive looks. The good thing about the size of the car is that it makes driving through busy cities/town a lot easier as your able to swerve in and out of traffic. Parking is made a lot easier too as well as manoeuvre’s compared to the larger hatchbacks and saloons.

Cabin & Style
There are a couple of different trims to choose from including the Zetec and Titanium along with the Black edition and White edition which both aim to make the KA look a lot sportier than the standard design. All of the trims come with a stereo, but overall they’re quite limited with the entertainment they offer, but the Titanium trim features heated leather seating, climate control, a glass roof as well as rear parking sensors which is impressive compared to the others.

The interior of the Ford KA is quite modern, with a well organised dashboard which is an easy to navigate – especially when driving. The interior on a whole is very well designed and good to look at with a good range of materials in order to give it a wealthier look. In terms of storage and space, the amount which the KA offers isn’t too good but it’s not bad either because in the front, the driver and passenger have a generous amount of head and leg room whereas in the back, the rear passengers lack head and leg room. As well as this, the boot offers 224 litres of storage room and 747 litres with the rear seats down.

Safety & Reliability
The safety for the Ford KA isn’t the best but its good enough for the price tag. Each trim features a different amount of safety systems, with the driver and passenger airbags and electronic stability control (ESC) being the standard. When it comes to the reliability of the Ford KA, it is reliable but not as reliable as its competitors, they are cheap to repair and Ford aren’t known for creating faulty cars.

On the whole, the best thing about the Ford KA is definitely its look – in particular, the design of the interior. The KA offers a fantastic and enjoyable ride which is perfect as a first car, especially because of the price its available at. There are a couple of downfalls with the KA which is inevitable, including the steering wheel which cannot be adjusted and the lack of cup holders, but overall there’s nothing major which lets the car down.






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