New Ford KA+


The Ford KA has been a popular choice amongst customers of all ages since 1996 when it first launched. In 2008, unfortunately the Fiat 500 took the over the market by storm, replacing the Ford KA and stealing a number of its customers. In order to be a serious competitor, Ford have upped their game and have created a car, with the same capabilities as the best-selling Ford Fiesta, which was released in October 2016.

What is it?
The new and improved Ford KA+ has switched categories and now offers a range of features, making it a capable family car. With the build being much larger than ever expected from a ‘city car’, Ford have now created another option for those who have multiple passengers, which is handy for commuting daily and catering for the weekly shop. The Ford KA has lost its highly spoken of name over the past few years, but the KA+ is here to change that and is now competing with the likes of the Kia Rio and the Dacia Sandero.

Drive & Performance
Starting with the engines, the Ford KA+ contains an efficient and responsive four cylinder 1.2-litre Ti-VCT petrol engine, with the choice of 69bhp or 84bhp, making it more powerful than before. The KA+ is able to stretch an extra 6mph compared to the older model, giving it a top speed of 105mph which isn’t a lot but it’s an improvement.

The drive on a whole is more impressive than ever before, due to the refinement and comfort levels. Once you sit behind the wheel of the KA+, you’re already hit by the new seats, made from soft materials with the option of heated seats for both the driver and passenger. The KA+ features strong steering with good body control, making it an all-round enjoyable but confident drive.

The price for the new Ford KA+ starts at just under £10,000 with the popular Zetec trim starting at around £9,995. Due to the range of equipment which is available as standard, this makes the Ford KA+ a great value for money, in comparison to the previous models.

Cheap car leasing is a great way to drive the family car of your dreams, by paying affordable monthly payments. The Ford KA+ offers a range of leasing options, including contract hire deals, in which you can swap the car at the end of the term, or hand it back to the leasing company.

How is it different?
The changes, or shall we say ‘improvements’, which have been made to the new Ford KA are for the better, especially when it comes to suiting family life. The now bigger and better supermini offers more in terms of practicality due to the additional set of doors, the spacious interior, the generous boot size and the easy access to the rear seats. It can easily compete with the Ford Fiesta.

It’s clear that the appearance has also been the subject of a couple of changes. The front of the car now features a much larger and bolder grille, along with a longer and wider body but sticking to the compact guidelines.

As well as this, due to the car being family-friendly, Ford have upped their safety game as the KA+ features 6 airbags, hill start assist, a speed limiter and a tyre deflation detection system, making it a lot safer than ever before.


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