The 5-Door Ford Fiesta ST Hits European Shores

Fiesta ST

Small hot hatchbacks aim to rule the motoring world where great, sharp, sleek looks and bags of speed result in purely entertaining drives. Therefore, many of them are 3-doors because they wish to feel like sports cars. However, hot hatches also aim to skirt the practical world as well, which is why, despite wanting to be a sports car, they have more practical chassis and bodies and overall space.

Ford however, has decided to make their Ford Fiesta ST hatchback just a little more practical by releasing a 5-door edition. It will be available on both the ST-2 and ST-3 editions. But don’t believe that this is the same car with two additional doors. There are some differences between the two versions. If you are tempted by either of these two editions, they will be available on a variety of fantastic lease deals.


First, by making the 5-door Fiesta ST available to the European market, Ford have allowed you to get passengers in and out of the back of the little speed demon without an undignified struggle in the car park.

With regards to the rest of its looks, the 5-door Fiesta ST looks pretty much the same as the 3-door version. It has the same aggressive bumper, heavily sculpted side skirts, body coloured rear diffuser and twin exhaust tips.


Ford has chosen to transplant the hot hatch’s standard turbocharged 4-cylinder 1.6-litre engine from its 3-door model into its 5-door model. This means that the new 5-door ST will produce the identical 182 bhp and being to accelerate to same 0-60 mph in 6.9 seconds. The downfall for this edition is that the 5-door develops 46.3 mph whereas the 3-door edition produces 47.9 mpg, so there is a different in fuel economy.

The rest of it

When it comes to the rest of the car, the 5-door Fiesta ST has the same excellent chassis as the 3-door. It has the same powerful brakes and the same stiffened suspension that makes both Ford Fiesta ST an absolutely pleasure to drive. In fact, the 5-door ST is just as entertaining as the 3-door edition is, just with that added extra practicality.

When it comes to you getting a new 5-door Ford Fiesta ST, they have been launched this month. If you are interested in any other hot hatchbacks, then make sure you consider getting one on private car leasing as the monthly costs are usually lower than on finance and you can usually upgrade earlier so you can get an even newer hot hatchback.


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