Which Ford got the most searches


In 2016, My Car Check conducted research, to see which Ford got the most searches for a vehicle check. The top model was the Ford Fiesta Zetec. My Car Check data showed the following results:


  • Percentage with warnings
  • Top reasons for warnings
  • Average value
  • Top colours


Top colours for the Ford Fiesta Zetec were blue, black and silver, which had 48.6%, of warnings due to being written off and had an average value of £1,404. When buying a car, it is important for all the plates to be up to date and cleared on the system. Below My Car Check have listed,additional top warnings for BMW models, which the vehicle check report showed


  • Written off 19% –
  • Colour change 1.5%
  • Plate transfer 11%
  • On finance 9%
  • Import/export 0.6%



The Ford Fiesta is a very popular car in the UK; the vehicle is a small all-rounder, with a stylish look. It comes in a selectionof engine sizes for petrol or diesel and makes it cost effective car. There are still a very few competitor car manufactures that match the Ford Fiesta,

The reason for this being is mainly due to the comfort of the car which gives it a great drive, many small cars lack the comfort spec, but the Ford Fiesta Zetec has done well in that aspect.

Ford have also created the Fiesta ST, for people who want a sportier look, and gives it a joy to ride. In 2016 Ford introduced the Fiesta ST200, this range packed 200hp, enough to reach speed of 142mph.

Over all Ford has created cars, which are fit for purpose, such as the Zetec being the more economical and cost effective version and the St being a sportier type.


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